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How it Works

easy swirl employs a specially designed stir flow technology. The internal blending fin is engineered to leverage centrifugal force to blend the liquid.

What is easy swirl?

easy swirl has patented an “in vessel design” allowing users to stir beverages with a gentile swirl of their hand. A simple but revolutionary innovation.


easy swirl's patented technology is transferrable to a wide variety of applications in unlimited industries. Currently easy swirl is contacted by worldwide manufacturers seeking partnerships in licensing our technology to be used in their new and current products in unique ways.


easy swirl's specially designed blending fin can be part of any vessel to enhance the content mixing process. The blending fin design is made as part of the container for production efficiency. A patented non-integral fin design is also available.

Why easy swirl

recycle easy swirl's ground breaking green concept eliminates the need for plastic or wooden stir sticks that end up in oceans and landfills. Some of easy swirls products can be made of BPA free reusable plastic products and other composites that use much less water for cleanup.
easy swirl's technology can be utilized by many verticals from paint cans to vitamin drinks to baby bottles. Let’s work together to take your products to the next level
easy swirl technology is a market disruptor across many manufacturing applications which would allow for a Low Tech Mixing upgrade.

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